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Find a perfect place for your family day out in Essex. Adventure Island is an amusement park with free admission located on the pier. It means that you don’t pay for the entrance, so if you’re not in the mood to have a ride you can still be with your family members at the fun park. So step into the world of joy and happiness for free!

Rides in Adventure Island

This amusement park offers over 40 rides and attractions and that’s not including the Prize Arcades, cafes, restaurants, sideshows and games. Besides, there is great news that due to a great amount of rides, you won’t be queuing all day. Queues in Adventure Island are short and fast moving even on busy days.

If you look at the Adventure Island map guide you’ll notice that it’s not divided into specific areas, only into East side of the Pier and West side of the pier. However, its rides are divided into the following categories: Big Adventure (blue rides), Junior (green rides) and Mini (red rides). In order to experience Big Adventure you’ll have to get blue band rides, for Junior category there are green band rides and for the smallest – red band rides.

Big adventure includes the following amazing rollercoaster rides: Sky Drop – hold on tight as you fall free from 21 meters; Tidal Wave Green and Tidal Wave Blue – choose between rapid twists and turns or drops from a height of 20 meters or just try them both. These water slides are fast and refreshing; and the Rage – the proud of Adventure Island. It was opened in February 2007. One of the biggest investments the park has ever made (approximately £3million). The ride is about 75 ft in height and has a 97-degree drop, a vertical lift hill, a vertical loop and a Zero G Roll, as well as a host of other elements and tight turns that make it a short but extreme ride.

Rules and prices

The entrance to the Adventure Island is free! If you want to take a ride on roller coasters, then you’ll need to get ride bands.

To have fun on each ride, buy the blue band. It costs £25. However, if you’re under 1.2 metre tall, you won’t be able to ride on Big Adventure extreme rides, therefore get the green bands, which are for visitors between 1 metre and 1.2 metres tall (the price is £20). The green bands are more family friendly and less intense as the Blue Band rides, so their height restriction is less. The Red Band is for the smallest, under 1 metre tall friends, but, as with the Green band, you can buy this band if you are 1.2 metres or over, and only want to ride the more gentle rides. It will cost you £15. Save some pounds for ice cream and buy bands on the internet!

So, as you might guess all these rides and attractions are ‘height permitting’. So which ride band you choose will depend on your height and how brave you are!

Adventure Island cares about their visitors’ safety, therefore parents are welcome to accompany their children on Green and Red band rides for free. It means if your child is wearing a green band and is under 1.2 metres tall, a responsible person of 14 years or over can accompany them on all the green and red band rides FOR FREE.

Food and dining places

There’s something for every taste at Adventure Island. You’ll find snacks from Candy Floss to Ciabattas, Pancakes to Pizzas… Enjoy a meal with views over the park in Feelgoods Pizza Pasta Play. It’s a restaurant, Prize Arcade and Milkshake bar …all in one! In Sands restaurant you’ll get the finest food, prepared by top quality chefs, enjoy refreshing cocktail and will be admired by the stunning estuary views.

Highlight of the day

The Rage – for superheroes only!

Further Information

Nearest Train Station: Southend Central and Southend Victoria.

Parking : a small fee

Website :

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