Alton Towers


Visit the UK’s most thrilling and best-loved theme park for white knuckle rides and a water wonderland! There are rides for all ages so everyone in the family will get something out of their day.

Britain’s Best

Alton Towers claims to be Number One so you can expect the best rides in the land, but be prepared for the crowds and queues that come with that position. Use the Park’s website to plan your trip to make sure you all get to go on a ride that you want to and you might like to consider buying a fast track ticket to make the most of your time there.


The Towers are the benchmark for all other theme parks in the country to check their performance and ride choice. Alton Towers comes back year after year ahead of their game with rides that are bigger, better and faster than the competition so if you want the best of technological advances and innovation then head here!


Plan your day carefully to ensure you have enough refreshment time and for the adrenaline levels to coast for a moment – it’ll be a day of high excitement, laughter and sheer terror and therefore possibly tantrums so be prepared with knowledge ahead of time! The website is an invaluable point of reference before you go, especially if you have a long journey there and back and aren’t staying overnight.

Big Rides

The big rides are what gives Alton Towers its ranking. Television adverts and YouTube clips can only begin to prepare you for what lies ahead on these big thrill rides, when you’re sitting (hanging) in the seats it’s a whole different ball game. Thirteen is the latest addition, set in the unexplored woodland known as the Dark forest. Be sure to check height restrictions ahead of time to avoid disappointment on the day.

Little Rides

There’s no shortage of rides for the smaller ones and the website has a dedicated section for “Magic and Young Fun” – choose from Wobble World, Squirrel Nutty Ride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory plus much much more!

Highlight of the Day

Thirteen for the bigger kids. Toyland for the little kids

Further Information

Nearest Train Station : Stoke-on-Trent
Parking : Yes, easy
Website :

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