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Teach your kids history of your country in a more exiting way. Take them to a trip to Shropshire county in the West Midlands of England. In that area the time has stopped since 1900. More than 30 monuments, 10 museums will tell you a story of the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Along with museums, you can also visit other historical attractions in that region: a research library, archaeological monuments, historic woodlands, housing, two chapels and two Quaker burial grounds.

Things to do in the Ironbridge Village

The Ironbridge village is proud to present you its symbol – the world’s first Iron Bridge. It’s one of Shropshire’s most famous landmarks. The height and length of this bridge is very impressive. When you cross the bridge, you enter to the village and here all fun begins. You’ll need at least 45 minutes to visit a tollhouse, have a cup of coffee in one of public cafes and admire the view of the old town.

Things to do in Blists Hill Victorian Town

Blists Hill Victorian Town is located about two miles from the Ironbridge village. You can walk on the Lloyds road and explore the beauty of surrounding nature or take a car and drive. It’s up to you.

When you achieve your destination, you’ll notice that everything around is kept as it was over 100 years ago. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a recreated Victorian Town will astound you.

Victorian characters will present you with a fascinating life in the Victorian time village. You’ll see their daily lives in their cottages, shops and places of work and will have an opportunity to learn many crafts from them. You should definitely try to make curious remedies in the Victorian Pharmacy, observe traditional skills in action at the printers, candle makers and decorative plasterers. Also, have a look inside the Victorian cottage and meet a Victorian housewife, or dress up in Victorian costume and take a picture. Your kids will love to ride in a horse cart around the town or have fun at the Victorian Fairground during the Summer season.

After enjoying these wonderful attractions, you’ll definitely get hungry. Enjoy a traditionally cooked fish and chips at Fried Fisher Dealers or delicious bread from the bakery , for dessert go to the sweetshop and choose from a range of “old favourites”.

You’ll spend your day out with the kids in the area of 52 acres, which is mostly outdoors. So, it will definitely take you 2 – 4 hours of your visit in Blists Hill Victorian Town. So make sure that all your family is adequately dressed for the weather as well as for walking on unmade roads.

Moreover, there are many events held in Blists Hill Victorian Town, which run during most school holidays. Check out the event calendar at
The entrance to Blists Hill Victorian Town costs £16.50 for an adult and £11.00 for a child.

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