Jumicar Children’s Driving Experience


Children love to drive, even if it’s just pretend! Take them to the Jumicar Children’s Driving Experience at Hoveringham and they’ll have a great day out that they’ll remember for years to come!

Safe for children

The driving experience is gentle and suitable for children from as young as one year’s old! The real driving experience is most suited to children of six years – this is the minimum age that they can take solo control of the car – younger than that and dual controls are in place.

Driving in the real world

There are no fast roads with teenager screeching past – instead the emphasis is very much on introducing children to the rules and safeguards of driving in the real world. They’ll drive special junior-sized petrol cars on a miniature circuit of real roads, complete with traffic lights, roundabouts, zebra crossings and complete street signage!


Children will learn correct road awareness skills like making sure they are spaced back from the car in front, not travelling too fast and noting hazards around them. For some relief from the formality of the Driving Experience switch to the go-karts, pedal powered and without road rules…adults can play too.

Trent Valley

The Driving Experience is part ot the Ferry Farm Park and Restaurant in the stunning Trent Valley and as well the usual range of farm activities there’s an adventure playground, rare breeds, pony rides, a wildlife pond and more. Trent Valley is a great setting for your picnic so why not make a day of it, spend the morning driving and at the Farm Park and the afternoon picnicking in the Valley!

Highlight of the Day

Obtaining the free “driving licence”!

Further Information

Nearest Train Station : Thurgaton
Parking : free and plentiful
Website : www.jumicar.co.ukwww.ferryfarm.co.uk

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