Thinktank is considered to be a world-class family attraction and is Birmingham’s very own uncompromisingly modern museum of science.

Become a scientist

A visit to Thinktank will do exactly that – make you think. Science is presented to its visitors in a completely new and very interactive way – you must engage with the exhibits to uncover their full potential. Thinktank is about scientific relationships and its biggest achievement is to bring the science to life and show how imagination combined with dry facts creates an amazing reaction. Effectively, Thinktank transforms its visitors in to scientists!

Hands-On Experiences

Forget staring at a model of a DNA spiral through a glass window or on a computer screen, at Thinktank you need to solve a crime using pollen and fibre-matching as well as DNA profiling. In Kids City younger children can perform “dentistry” on their elders, change a car’s sump oil and try their hand at mending pipes in the road.

The Street is about the science we take for granted every day and you can work a hydraulic digger as part of a project to find out to find out what happens to household waste.

You can join an interactive travel adventure through the human body in Things About Me and make life and death decisions while exploring a space station.


Discover robots used in modern medicine, Spitfires that won the Battle of Britain, trams that carried Birmingham’s industrial work force and the mighty engineering beasts that powered the Industrial Revolution.


Thinktank’s digital Planetarium promises a “totally immersive science experience” and matches it with an impressive and inspirational account of our Galaxy and deep space.

The displays and adventures are pitched at every age group and level of interest – there really is something for everyone at Thinktank – young and old!

Highlight of the Day

Find the Future – step in to this gallery to find out how we could all be living in the future!

Further Information

Nearest Train Station : Moor Street Station (Birmingham)
Parking : Car parking on site (charges apply)
Website :

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