Warwick Castle


Warwick Castle is one of Europe’s very best medieval strongholds and an absolute treasure house brimming with secrets, stories and legends of a thousand years!

Truly bloody battle

The stone face of its towers, battlements and fortifications are symbols of real power and truly bloody battle. Inside, there’s a contrast of poverty and wealth with pageantry vying with magnificent displays of wealth from a time when the Earls of Warwick were richer than the Crown of Kingdom.

Explore the Warwick Castle

Cross the drawbridge and explore the ramparts, the dazzling State Rooms and authentic displays pinpointing different eras – like the preparations for a Victorian Royal Weekend party or the Kingmaker exhibition. There are actors in armour, or other time-relevant costumes, all around and they’re eager for you to try on a jousting helmet, tell you what it’s like to get ready for battle and lift a medieval sword!

The Dungeon of the Warwick Castle

The favourite of favourites is the Castle’s Dungeon and a sure hit with the kids. It is frightening and in fact 15 people fainted in the first month of one historical display. The real life feel to the displays is brought about by a mix of atmosphere, live actors and brilliant special effects. Be sure to give consideration to how your children will feel in the Dungeon, under 10s may find it too frightening and children up to 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Special events in the Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle has a fantastic calendar of special events throughout the year ranging from the famous Jousting Knights, the Kingmaker’s Medieval Banquet, Dungeons after Dark, Warwick Words and Highwayman’s Supper. Check out their website for up to date information on these events throughout the year.

Highlight of the Day

The mirror maze in the dungeon…..awesome!

Further Information

Nearest Train Station : Warwick Station (1 mile
Parking : Ranges from £4 to £6 per day depending on which car park you choose
Website : www.warwick-castle.co.uk

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  1. Jordan says:

    This place is amazing, so much history and culture inside it, it’s an incredible experience, everyone should visit this place.

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