West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park


Get yourself to West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park and come face to face with some of the land’s fastest, tallest and stunning animals. There are four miles of self-drive safari trails and there is sure to be much excitement in the car as giraffes loom overhead and even poke their heads through open sunroofs and windows!

Get close

While the green and very British landscape may not represent the heat and dust of Rift Valley, you’re sure to overlook that fact as the animals get closer. You can see the African ‘big five’ at this Safari Park and the dead slow self-drive through brings them right up to your car window. You can opt to travel in the park’s own minibus instead of risking slight (or severe!) damage to your own vehicle – this is potentially a great option as you can also go off road and seek out any shy creatures.


The park is heavily involved with the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) programme for saving endangered species. Many of the animals have been bred in captivity so even rarities like the white lions and white tigers can be seen.

Discovery Trail

The park’s Discovery Trail is to be explored on foot and leads you to the sea lion theatre, a walk underwater at the Seaquarium, the hippo lakes, reptile house and much more!

Leisure Park

As wells as the thrills of the Safari Park you can take your little (and not so little) to the Leisure Park – it’s huge and has 30 rides to take you up high, round and round and down low! Very small children have their own nine rides to enjoy within the Cubs Kingdom, including the interactive Fire Rescue Rangers in which they pretend to be the firefighters!

Highlight of the Day

Seeing the ‘big five’ up close and personal as you drive through the Safari Park

Further Information

Nearest Train Station : Kidderminster
Parking : on site and easy
Website : www.wmsp.co.uk

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