Chillingham Castle


Discover ancient dungeons, graffiti from the doomed and a grisly torture chamber – all at Chillingham Castle!

Medieval Fortress

Chillingham Castle is said to be one of the finest Medieval fortresses in Europe and a visit here will not disappoint. With its austerity and imposing stature, is looks every bit the proper castle and stands as a testament to the bloody deeds, battles and tragedies that make up its history.

Castle Bowels

Deep in the bowels of Chillingham Castle, you’ll discover ancient dungeons whose walls are etched with the piteous graffiti of the doomed and the damned who once dwelled here. The torture chamber houses its terrifying original “Iron Maiden” rack and thumbscrews. These apparatus act as a harsh reminder of how the 20 generations who lived here maintained the gorgeous apartments, minstrel galleries and sumptuous halls that fill the castle.

Haunted Castle

The name is very appropriate as a chill may run down your spine when you discover that Chillingham is said to be one of England’s most haunted houses, with at least six ghosts including a “glowing” Blue Boy whose strangely eerie moan can be heard from deep within the dense Medieval walls where he was bricked up many years ago.

Chillingham’s Wild Cattle Park

This is a tour in itself. This Park at Chillingham is astonishing and is home to the only wild cattle in the world, sole survivors of herds that once roamed Britain’s forest. For over 700 years this unique herd of white cattle has prospered here. You’ll be able to get as close to these animals as is safely possible as the warden takes you around the grounds. It’s a great addition to your day out in Northumberland and should not be missed.

Highlight of the Day

Stir the imaginations of the youngsters and bring history books to life with a trip in to the dungeons.

Further Information

Nearest train station : Berwick and Morpeth
Car parking : On site and free
Website :

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