HMS Trincomalee


Visit the oldest British warship still afloat! HMS Trincomalee, a Leda-class sail frigate built in 1817, is a leading maritime attraction for the family in the North East of England.

A Maritime Attraction

HMS Trincomalee is the centrepiece of Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience and has been revived as living history with costumed guides helping you and your children to explore every rat-infested bilge and beeswax-polished Captain’s sideboard! Learn from the pigtailed “sailors” how to tie essential knots, haul on the rigging , avoid the recoil of the great guns, dance a hornpipe and take the quarterdeck wheel.

A Maritime Experience

Once you’ve explored the wonder of HMS Trincomalee, be sure to jump ship and look at the quayside. This area of the attraction is all part of the HME’s authentic 18th century harbour. The collection of shops are great to wander in and out of, there’s a chandler, gunsmith and naval tailor as well as gabled houses with the Admiral’s grand mansion in between.

Interactive Maritime

You can go inside all the shops and the mansion, you can try on a uniform and you’ll find that everywhere you go, the guides and even passers-by are dressed up in period costume. They’re ready and eager to explain procedures like operating a sextant. Bringing to life this era, be sure to watch out for a file of red-coated Marines on the cobbles. May be you’ll be “press-ganged” – seized and sent to sea without any choice!

Total Museum

Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience is a miniature 18th century seaport and society and combined with HMS Trincomalee is inexhaustibly fascinating and is arguably one of Britain’s most imaginative, satisfying and good fun days out!

Highlight of the Day

The Children’s Maritime Adventure Centre for hands-on maritime skills – fascinating.

Further Information

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