Seahouses Harbour


Seahouses is a superb little town set in the middle of one of Britain’s most beautiful stretches of coastline. It’s full of things guaranteed to fascinate children of all ages.

Seahouses Harbour

This colourful, bustling fishing harbour enjoys, in the summer season, a steady stream of visitors making their way here to take a boat to the Farne Islands’ wildlife reserve. Not many stay in the town itself which is their loss because even though it may not be a sophisticated place to look around, it stimulates curiosity. Watching the boats to-ing and fro-ing is fun and then there’s the town’s history as “the herring capital of Northumberland”. This fascinating tale is told at the Marine Life and Fishing Heritage Centre.

The Marine Life and Fishing Heritage Centre

This excellent visitor centre explains the influence of the sea on the town’s development and the demands of sea-going life.

Fascinating old photographs and artefacts are on display and you can even learn about the trade in crushed limestone exported for fertilizer and about the lives of the “herring lassies” who cleaned the fish brought in by the huge herring fleet following the shoals from Orkney in Spring to Lowestoft in August.

Seahouses Harbour Walkway

Seahouses has a wayward walk from the harbour taking you through typically early 19th century squares of houses built for fishermen around three sides of a courtyard. Being built in this way meant that shelter was provided for communal mending of nets and baiting of lines. You can get a free quiz for children to help you on this walk and several other walks.

Boat Trip to Farne Islands

Lasting about 2.5 hours, a boat trip to Farne Islands is a great way to spend a morning or an afternoon. During this time you get to spend an hour on Inner Farne, watching the wildlife – you can see sea birds on the cliff sides and visit the Grey Seal colonies. The onboard commentary is invaluable, providing insight to this wonderful place.

Highlight of the Day

Being in this lively seaside surrounding and exploring Seahouses harbour

Further Information

Nearest train station : Chathill Railway Station
Car parking : Seafield Car Park
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