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Step in to the past to a time when George and Robert Stephenson pioneered the steam railway on Tyneside. A magical time when these visionaries developed their inventions, having a profound effect on their community, country and eventually the whole wide world.

Team Stephenson

George and Robert Stephenson were the father and son team after whom the Stephenson Railway is named. The focus of the museum is as much on the changes that this team effected as it is directly about trains themselves so there is plenty to interest young minds of all persuasions.

Variety of Trains at the Stephenson Railway Museum

All kinds of trains are on display from engines from steam’s golden age and a rare electric loco from 1909 which was once used to haul coal wagons at Harton colliery and is now the fully functioning centrepiece of The Electric Century interactive multimedia display.

Electric Story

This multimedia display tells the story of how electricity transformed the very first kinds of transport and then after that, our whole lives. Hands-on exhibits are utilised so that young visitors can learn both about how trains work and how they changed Victorian lives, bringing the joy of seaside holidays and encouraging mobility.

Wonderful Wheels

Wonderful Wheels offers children the chance to create pop-up models and learn about the wildlife colonizing railway verges. Trains and history are the themes of this museum but it’s not hard to see that these themes are very applicable to the children themselves, their own lives and the world around them.

Highlight of the Day

A ride on a real steam train is brilliant fun.

Further Information

Nearest train station : Percy Main (metro)
Car parking : Free and on-site
Website :

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One thought on “Stephenson Railway Museum”

  1. Dyke says:

    It is a very friendly railway to visit. The museum has some interesting exhibits. I went on a special diesel day but normally a Peckett steam engine which worked on the Ashington colliery lines does the Sunday trios. The coaching stock us ex Kings Cross suburban non-corridor stock. A goof little cafe and reasonable value.

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