The Alnwick Garden


The Alnwick Garden is overflowing with fantastic things to explore! All the family will love this enchanting place, water features, a poisonous garden and one of the world’s largest wooden tree houses!

The Alnwick Garden

The Alnwick Garden is a vibrant place and was developed by the Duchess of Northumberland just 10 years ago. Before her vision the area was derelict and forgotten and now it’s a great place for all the family with rills to paddle in and hide and seek to play in the Bamboo Labyrinth. For gardeners, Alnwick Garden will not disappoint – there is an enormous variety of plants and trees and future-driven design and planting. The gardens are an ongoing project with more gardens and an adventure playground being designed and implemented by Belgian Designers.

The Alnwick Garden Features

The Garden has many wonderful features including the Poison Garden and The Grand Cascade. The Poison Garden sits behind locked gates and is filled with deadly plants with equally deadly myths. Take a tour round the garden to find out more about these dangerous plants that grow in the British countryside and maybe even in your own back garden. The Grand Cascade is Alnwick Garden’s centrepiece with truly awesome design and stunning water displays.

The Tree House

Alnwick has a wonderful wooden tree house in the Castle Garden. It’s the stuff of fairytales with 16 trees supporting a network of aerial walkways, hanging platforms, balconies, wobbly rope bridges and spiral staircases between the different levels. The tree house has five rooms including a cafe and a more formal restaurant, capped with turrets and steeply pitched roofs.

Historial Market Town

Alnwick, in the North East of England, is a beautiful and historical market town with plenty to offer its visitors. As well as Alnwick Castle, you can visit one of the country’s largest second hand bookshops, Barter Books. The town is only a few minutes’ walk from the garden and with your entrance tickets you can leave and re-enter the gardens as you wish.

Highlight of the Day

Dodging the water jets at the Grand Cascade near the treehouse

Further Information

Nearest train station : Alnmouth
Car parking : £2 fee (free in winter)
Website :

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