The Toy Museum


Surrender to the joy that is the toy museum in Tynemouth. There are over 7000 clockwork and mechanical toys, dolls, teddies, pedal cars, prams and puzzles on display and memorabilia filling the walls, floors and ceilings with colour, sound and movement!

Much Loved Story Book

Take your first glimpse of this enchanting place by visiting the museum’s website (see further information below). It’s been so thoughtfully designed with the child (or the childishness in us all) in mind and each website screen shows as the page of a much loved story book; turn the pages to find out more and transport yourself to a place where time is never planned. Use the website to plan your visit and get a feel for the museum itself.

Trip Down Memory Lane

The museum will appeal to children of all ages, from 2 to 102 years old. The older members of your family will love to show the younger ones what occupied their weekends and how their spare time was spent playing with simple toys, a world away from the computerised worlds that are available today. Encourage your children to draw comparisons and find out what was different back then and what has stayed the same. Ask them why you think these changes happened and encourage lively debate about whether you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

The Toy Hospital

Your children can take their cherished but injured toys to the museum where they can head to the hospital and be lovingly restored on site by Tony and Maureen. Whether the injured party is a rag doll, a mechanical toy or a teddy bear, this formidable team will work hard to bring the loved one back to life. It might be a good idea to telephone the hospital ahead of time to check the finer details to avoid any disappointment.

Highlight of the Day

The Board Games

Further Information

Nearest train station : Tynemouth
Car parking : Pay and display opposite the museum
Website :

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