Eden Ostrich World


Visit Eden Ostrich World for a day of Ostrich fun. Large numbers of the African black ostrich can be seen against the backdrop of the beautiful English countryside. Visit today to see this awesome sight!

A working farm

A working farm in the middle of the stunning Eden Valley is home to Eden Ostrich World. Set a few miles East of Penrith this flock of giant birds are the star attraction of the area. Seeing them in their enclosures is quite an impressive thing to behold. The summer months are when you are most likely to witness the hatching of an actual ostrich egg and it’s pretty amazing to see.

Ostriches and more

As well as the Ostriches themselves, there is plenty more to see and do at the Ostrich World. There are many activities for children, including free quiz sheets, an adventure playground, an indoor soft-play area and tractor and trailer rides. The play area is suitable in wet weather too as there’s a great indoors area complete with a two storey soft play area, sandpits and a rodeo bull to ride!

Sheep Milking

As a working farm, there’s always lots to see on site and sheep milking is one fun example. Enter the parlour any day between the middle of February and the middle of October and you can experience this farm activity with your family. There are over 300 sheep and you can even buy sheep ice cream and milk produced at the farm to taste for yourself. It’s a great way of children discovery the production of this nutritious and natural food.

Pozee the Zebroid

Pozee is a cross between a zebra and a Shetland Pony who was born in 2001. She’s very rare and is the only one of her kind in Britain so it’s a really memorable experience to say hello to this friendly creature during your visit to Eden Ostrich World.

Highlight of the Day

Hatching of an Ostrich egg – if you’re lucky enough to see it happen!

Further Information

Nearest train station : Penrith

Car parking : Yes

Website : www.ostrich-world.com

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