Staircase House


Sit at an 18th Century dining table and climb a Jacobean staircase…take a journey through from 1460 to World War II…learn how people live and how our society has changed over the centuries. All this under one roof, the roof of Staircase House in Greater Manchester’s Stockport!

Living History Museum

Gracing the historical market place, Staircase House is a rare survival of a late medieval town house and is today a living history museum where an audio guide encourages you to take a trip through time. Depending on the tour you choose you’ll be guided for either one hour or two hours and it’s the perfect way to find out more about this intriguing house and the surrounding history.

Encouraging Children

Children visiting Staircase House are encouraged to touch and feel many of the historical artefacts on display. They are invited to pull back the bed clothes of the four-poster bed, sit at the 18th Century dining table to experience what it might have felt like to sit at a dining table at that time. There is also an exciting opportunity to for eager children to try their hands at the 17th Century skill of writing with a quill pen.

Special Events

This superb historical attraction hosts a number of special events throughout the year, from Easter excitement through summer holiday programmes, Halloween Horrors and Christmastime festivities. There are Medieval Fairs, Quiz Nights, Half Term specials and much more! Check out the website (see further information below) for more information on what could be on when you visit Staircase House.

Staircase History

The house itself has an interesting history with possible connections to the Mayor of Stockport in the 15th Century. It has been designed so that families can feel at home exploring the rooms and finding their way around the many displays and exhibitions. The museum has installed very few barriers or No Touching signs so that it remains as open and accessible as possible, whilst still preserving the history of these wonderful items.

Highlight of the Day

The interactive and real nature of this museum make the displays a delight to explore.

Further Information

Nearest train station : Stockport

Car parking : Pay & Display (short walk)

Website :

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