Stockport Air Raid Shelters


Explore the underground network of air raid shelters that provided refuge for 6500 people during World War II.

Bringing History to Life

Stockport Air Raid shelters really will bring history text books to life and help your children to learn what it was like to survive during those challenging times. As a major industrial centre, Manchester was a prime target for German bombers during World War II and when it came to finding shelter from the bombing, the residents of the city found they had to create their own underground network.

A Labyrinth

In Manchester, a labyrinth of tunnels was carved out from the red sandstone beneath the town centre to provide essential shelter. These tunnels have been reopened to the public, offering an authentic glimpse in to life during the Blitz.

Home for Days

The subterranean world was fitted out to enable people to spend days at a time there if they needed to. Far from matching home comforts, the air raid shelters had electric lighting, bunk beds, first-aid facilities and even, perhaps surprisingly, flushing toilets.

Guided Tours

When visiting Stockport Air Raid Shelters you have the choice of a self-guided tour or one of the special family tours held at weekends. The family tours need to be book for in advance and the website (see further information below) gives more details on how to book for these tours. A more recent addition to the tour schedule is the Children’s Explorer Tours which is a children’s version of the more adult Explorer Tours and are excellent value for money.

Special Events

This attraction runs several special events throughout the year. It’s advisable to check in advance before you go to find out what these are and you could even plan your visit around them.

Educational Experience

The tour of the shelters promises to be an enlightening and educational experience and one that the children won’t forget in a hurry. The next time they are in a classroom learning about World War II they’ll be able to picture first-hand what that time was like, making their learning experience all the more enjoyable and easy for them!

Highlight of the Day

The interactive nature of this attraction is second to none and touring through the tunnels is as educational as it is exciting.

Further Information

Nearest train station : Stockort Station (10 minute walk)
Car parking : Yes
Website :

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