The Ecos Centre


Environmental issues are a vital component of the education of our children and a visit to the Ecos Centre in County Antrim will help them to understand why, whilst at the same time making their learning a fun experience.

Enlightening Entertainment

Help children to understand the importance of biodiversity, sustainability and caring for the world in which we live. Far from preaching about the importance of these issues, the centre manages to present the ideas in a fun and entertaining manner. You’ll be enlightened in high-tech galleries that communicate the most important messages in the nicest possible way.

Waterside Visitors Centre

The spectacular waterside Visitor Centre suggests ways in which humankind can live without destroying the planet, with the help of interactive displays calculating the family’s environmental footprint and illustrating how renewable energy cuts carbon emissions. You can also see why it’s vital to preserve wildlife and what steps you can take back at home to encourage wildlife in to your own garden.

Hi-Tech Galleries

The latest green technology is on show at the Ecos Centre and is indeed used by the Ecos Centre itself, for heating the building. Take a glimpse in to the future and see what methods we could all soon be employing in our own homes to reduce our carbon footprints and slow down the damage we’ve already caused to the planet.

Make a Day of it

The Centre is located within a huge 150 acre park that offers pathways, cycle routes, playparks, picnic sites, bridges and much more! Pack a picnic and make a day of it – spend the morning at the centre and the afternoon in the park. Plan your day ahead of time, think of what questions you have and see if you can find the answers at the centre when you arrive. Go home having been inspired to make changes that will make a difference to our planet.

Highlight of the Day

Enjoying the peaceful green haven that surrounds the Eco centre

Further Information

Nearest train station : Ballymena (10 minute walk)
Car parking : Yes
Website :

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