Dublinia and the Viking World is a heritage centre right in the heart of Dublin’s old city. The reconstructions and re-creations are truly awesome and will bring to life history text books in a flash.

Brings History to Life

Right beside the Christ Church Cathedral and recently revamped, Dublinia is a great day out for all the family and offers a fantastic hand-on experience. The reconstructions and re-creations are truly awesome and supported by graphic panels and electrifying soundtracks they bring history to life in all its glory.

Viking Dublin Experience

Enter the Viking World to explore the effect that the Scandinavian raiders had on Ireland all those years ago. Show the children what life would have been like on a longship, experience the sights and sounds of a Viking Street, pretend to be a slave and get chained up, look around a family home of that time and learn about the burial customs. You can also learn the runic alphabet, hear their poetry, listen to the sagas, enjoy the myths and marvel at the mysteries.

Medieval Dublin Experience

This exhibition follows Dublin’s luck from 1170 when it was captured by Strongbow and his knights through to the 16th century when Henry VIII’s violent dissolution of the monasteries. Here you can all see a noisy market, bustling street and also the inside of the house of a merchant. You can also find out how criminals were punished and how rudimentary dentistry at that time was practised (not for the squeamish!). There is the usual museum shop with gifts inspired by the Medieval period, books for adults and children, dressing up costumes for children and fun mementoes of your day out at Dublinia.

History Hunters Experience

Learn how archaeology goes hand in hand with history and science to uncover the lives and deaths of our ancient relatives. You can even visit the laboratories to find out more about how bugs, dirt and artefacts can be pieced together to tell the story. Extraordinarily good fun and an educational experience all rolled in to one!

Highlight of the Day

Climbing nearly 100 steps to the top of St Michael’s Tower, a 17th century landmark that’s part of Dublinia

Further Information

Nearest train station : Lucas (tram) to the Four Courts on the red line
Car parking : Nearest is Jury’s Hotel car park – get a discount on parking with your Dublinia ticket
Website : www.dublinia.ie

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