Fota Wildlife Park


Fota Wildlife Park is truly exceptional and the ideal destination for a day out with the kids. As the world’s leading captive breeder of Cheetahs, Fota is a great way to bring the subject of endangered and vulnerable species to the front of young minds.

Endangered and Vulnerable Species

As well as many many familiar animals, the conservation facility that is Fota is home to endangered and vulnerable species, including some that could soon become extinct in the wild. White-tailed sea eagles and lion-tailed macaque are two such species. As well as being home to these creatures, Fota makes vital contributions to conservation programmes around the world, including the Flower Valley Project in South Africa, the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia and the Menabé Forest Project in Madagascar.

Familiar Animals

Most creatures live in natural surroundings at the wildlife park and it really is a delight to see giraffes, zebras and antelope roaming around together much like they would be in the African savannah. You’ll also see colourful macaws, kangaroos and lemurs making their way around the park while assorted monkeys swing through the trees!

Plan Ahead

The Park’s website (see further information below) has a devoted kid’s section and you could enhance your visit by exploring this section of the website with the children before you arrive at the park. Find out some Fun Facts and then head straight to those creatures on the day! All this will help educate your children, expanding their minds to the natural world.

Adopt an Animal

Come away from your day out with the ultimate souvenir…adopt an animal from the park! The Adopt and Animal Programme is a vital way of bringing income to Fota and helps to pay for food and vet bills. Your adoption fee will give you an adoption certificate, an A4 colour photo, the name of the adopter on the adoption board plus much more! Surprise your family with a fantastic end to your day out together by choosing what animal you’ll adopt together and then learning all about them!

Highlight of the Day

The daily cheetah run

Further Information

Nearest train station : FOTA Wildlife Park (it’s own station!)
Car parking : Yes
Website :

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