Edinburgh Dungeon


Kids love the ghoulish attraction of a dungeon….fact! Take them to Edinburgh Dungeon and they’ll not be disappointed. There is a wealth of gruesome discoveries showcasing “horrifying myths”, “barbaric savagery” and “inhumane medical practices”. There’s also an element of Scottish history so your family can be educated too during this fun day out in Scotland!

Despicable Attractions

The dungeon boasts 500 years of dark history, brought to life with over 10 shows led by real actors and two terrifying rides, not for the feint hearted! Categorised by person or events you can choose from the Labyrinth of Lost Souls – a dark and frightening maze, the Torture Chamber where you can discover this dark art, the Judgement of Sinners, The Cave of Sawney Bean plus much more. The only difficulty is choosing which to see first!

Mary King’s Ghost

Enter the stinking resting place of abandoned plague victims and be haunted by the soul of Mary King who is seeking revenge on the cruel and heartless abandoners.

Blood Splattered Anatomy Theatre

This true to life Anatomy Theatre will fascinate and shock even the bravest member of your family! The Theatre examines 18th century surgical experimentation the encouraged Edinburgh’s infamous body-snatching trade. Watch out behind you!

The Cave of Sawney Bean

Sawney Bean was the legendary leader of a group of flesh eating murderers from the 16th century. Enter his cave…if you dare! Legend has it that he and a vicious woman left their home towns and moved in to a cave where they lived for 25 years. They created a family of 48 Members who crept through the night to steal bodies and bring them back to the cave where they were dismembered and eaten. The Cave of Sawney Bean is one of the two rides at Edinburgh Dungeons and you must set off in a boat across to the cave to capture this hideous and terrifying family!

Highlight of the Day

The recreation of Sir William Wallace’s victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Further Information

Nearest train station : Waverley Station (less than 100m)

Car parking : Waverley Station, Greenside Place or St James Centre car parks (all at a cost)

Website : www.the-dungeons.co.uk

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