Glasgow Science Centre


Glasgow Science Centre on Pacific Quay will delight. Particularly suited to the inquiring minds of would-be scientists, the Centre is state-of-the-art and housed in a gleaming titanium building overlooking the River Clyde.

Three Magnificent Floors

The Centre boasts three floors of endless interactive displays fascinating and encouraging children to get involved in the wonder of science!

Floor One

Action tests are the focus of this floor. Try to beat the wiggly wire, take part in interactive workshops where kids can get to know creatures like hissing cockroaches or giant land snails! The Science Centre’s Planetarium is also on Floor One and this wonder allows visitors to study brilliant night skies as they can rarely be seen in today’s light polluted skies.

Floor Two

To look at the role of science in every day life, head to this floor. You will explore issues that affect us all as well as moving through to a raft of exciting hands-on activities like face morphing and 3D modelling. Workshops cover subjects like stilt walking, building and flying hot-air balloons and experimenting with tasks like building and launching a rocket or solving a crime as DIY detectives!

Floor Three

The third and final floor houses impressive exhibitions such as the Whirlpool, Tornado and a giant plasma globe, there’s also an amazing bubble wall!

Highlight of the Day

The Glasgow Tour (weather permitting). The Tower allows visitors to be transported skywards for awesome city views.

Further Information

Nearest train station : Exhibition Centre Station

Car parking : £3 per day

Website :

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