M&D Scotland’s Theme Park


If your youngsters are ready for good rides, M&D Scotland’s Theme Park will be their favourite spot in all over the Scotland! Every child loves thrills that only happen in theme parks!

M&D Scotland’s Theme Park is so unique in Scotland. There are 5 kid-level-adrenaline and fun bursting white-knuckle rides, over 25 kids’ rides & other fascinating attractions; also, availability of 18 hole miniature golf holes, indoor bowling of so-called “Glow in the dark”, a fun and classic mini dodgems, a bungee that rockets over 30m up into the sky, massive indoor attractions, including a huge soft play area; also, you will find your favourite snacks and meals in bars and restaurants there, and much much more!

Kids and adults enjoy exploring AMAZONIA, Scotland’s only indoor tropical rainforest that is packed with many exotic animals, colorful birds and even creepy crawlies that are happy to see you! It is like the Tropical Kingdom with lots of hairy, scary beasties, just waiting to be found.

Lots of family rides will put you a smile that will remain for a long time. For example, Big Apple: hop aboard the giant and very hungry caterpillar. Remember to be prepared as this creature speeds its way through the 300m track, twisting and turning to take a munch at the giant red apple!

Another perfect family ride to try out is these Disco Boats, pumping and spinning the boat around the swimming pool! Everybody love moving and grooving on the water, because it is what it is all about – yeah yeah yeah! Get ready and dare to try these boats if you have got the rhythm.

If you are fan of butterflies in your stomach, get ready for one of M&D’s newest rides! Are you brave enough for this expedition? Do you think you can you handle 0-60mph in 8sec? Space will launch you off into orbit over 500m of twists, turns and crazy bends. Get ready to feel the gentle breeze and board this exhilarating roller coaster!

Runaway Mine Train is for those loving to fly off into the sky towards those big fluffy clouds! Jump aboard this thrilling train journey to find the old Gold Mines! Make sure you hold on tight as this mine train will hurtle along at breath-taking speeds, weaving in and out through sharp twists and turns.

And the last – but not least – Moby’s Revenge is awaiting you. There are three ways to slide down! And whichever you choose to try, be prepared as you plummet down the chute – Moby will make sure it will be an exhilarating ride back down to dry land!

At M&D Scotland’s Theme Park, you will feel out of this world and your day will be filled with excitement and thrills you will enjoy for the whole upcoming week!

Are you ready for some adventure? Then look no further – M&D Scotland’s Theme Park is waiting for your family!

Further Information

M&D Scotland’s Theme Park

Strathclyde Country Park

Tel: 01698 333 777
Email: info@scotlandsthemepark.com
Season’s Opening times: Here
Website: www.scotlandsthemepark.com

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