Museum of Communication


Help your children see a time before mobile phones, the internet and colour television…the Museum of Communication takes its visitors on a journey from the beginnings of communications through to the technology we have at our fingertips today.

Mission Statement

The Museum has a mission and that is to inform, educate and entertain the public with the exciting developments in communications technology that have given rise to the way of life we enjoy today. Explore the electronic display telling the tale of sound (from phonographs to MP3 players), information technology (from Babbage’s difference engine to modern super computers), radio (domestic and commercial), radar (from World War II to modern air-traffic control), telephony, telegraphy and television.

Information Technology

The Museum tells a fascinating tale of the origins of the computer from the very beginning of human time when abacuses were used for computations in 2000BC through the 17th century adding machines developed by Gottfried von Liebniz and Charles Babbage 19th century contributions to calculation programmes to the 1990’s introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 95! This is a truly awesome collection of memorabilia and information.

Highlight of the Day

A replica of the world’s first ever television set!

Further Information

Nearest train station : Burntisland Station
Car parking : convenient
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