Summerlee Heritage Park


A museum of social and industrial history may not sound like the most exciting place to children but the curators of the Summerlee Heritage Park bring to life history text books, geography text books and science text books and your little ones won’t even realise they’re being educated!

Best Working Attraction

The park won Visit Scotland’s impressive “Best Working Attraction” award and is well worthy of the accolade. This vast heritage site is a stunning tribute to Scottish working life. You need a whole day here to discover everything that there is on offer.

Main Exhibition Hall

An old crane works is now the main exhibition hall and has been completely revamped to show the park’s major collection of industrial machinery to their best advantage.

Industrial Treasure House

At Summerlee Heritage Park you can admire the re-created electric tramway and even, for a modest fare, offers the sort of open-topped urban transport that once was used by millions of city people throughout the industrialised world.

Coal Mine and Miners’Row

The coal mine allows visitors to experience the dark and creepy conditions endured by bygone miners, while the way they lived may be seen at nearby Miners’ Row, a delightful set of cottages that illustrates how conditions changes for Scottish working people between the mid 19th century and relatively affluent 1960s.

Highlight of the Day

The re-creation of an old-fashioned dental surgery!

Further Information

Nearest train station : Coatbridge (short walk)
Car parking : easy
Website :

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