Babbacombe Model Village


Babbacombe model village is a tiny land with thousands of miniature buildings, people and vehicles. It’s a small world that will enchant your children on a scale they will love!

Landscaped Gardens

The village is set in extensive landscaped gardens that are home to dwarf conifers and shrubs, streams and waterfalls in miniature. There’s a peepshow on English life including a Medieval castle, complete with a fire breathing dragon! The Olympic building site is a great overview of the preparations in London and an education for your children. There are various trails, treasure hunts and competitions for families and children of all ages.

Idealised English Life

The recommended time needed for your visit is about two hours so it’s a great place for an afternoon or morning trip out. The village started life in 1963 and was originally a miniature version of a very idealised version of English life. Over the years it has been added to an evolved to keep it current and relevant to every day life. This familiarity and the humour injected by the creators make Babbacombe a really fun day out.

Today’s Model Village

The park is now set in four acres and has hundreds and hundreds of scaled down buildings and 13,000 little people who have made it their home. Environmental features recently added include a wind farm and a hydro electric dam. There are stately homes, factories and some very well known landmarks and monuments spread throughout the village.

Special Seasons

The village has a good range of activities if you should encounter showers during your day out. There are 3D film shows and a fine model railway layout. Special seasonal events include a Halloween haunting and a stunning winter wonderland with realistic snow effects and a visit from Santa at Christmas.

Highlight of the Day

Evenings in the summer when the whole village is lit up; streetlights, neon signs on the cinema and lights inside tiny homes!

Further Information

Nearest train station : Torquay harbour (3 miles)
Car parking : Local authority car park adjacent to the village
Website :

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