Kents Cavern


Visit Britain’s oldest prehistoric home in Devon’s global geopark! Trek through the caves, see stunning rock formations, learn about Ice Age animals and hear stories of cavemen who once lived here!

Excavation Finds

First excavated in the 1820’s, Kents Cavern is a complex of caves and passages and is where a huge hoard of animal bones, including a sabre-toothed cat and mammoths, were found. Digs later on unearthed a 300,000 year old human jawbone, that’s now proudly displayed in Torquay Museum and Britain’s oldest flint axe heads.

Cave Guides

Take a tour of the caves with one of Kent Cavern’s expert guides. They will take you on a journey through half a million years! Ice Age animals who once lived here were succeeded by the Romans, who left coins. At the beginning of the 20th century the cavern was even used as a workshop for making beach huts for Torquay sea front.

Remarkable Rock Formations

Your tour guide will lead you through the caves, passing stalagmites and stalactites and remarkable rock formations. You will be able to see and touch some of Britain’s and, in fact, Europe’s, oldest artefacts. You will be plunged in to total darkness and you’ll hear wonderful tales of the cavemen who once dwelled here.

Activities Above Ground

Once you’re back above ground, you’ll find plenty for the children to do, including tribal face painting, digging for treasure and special events including ghost shows and Stone Age survival courses. There’s even a wall of hands where you can leave your hand prints on the wall in a Stone Age style. Children can take part in wall painting and draw a woolly mammoth or hyena on the cave wall – they’ll love it and they’ll be learning all the time about pre-historic life!

Highlight of the Day

Cave painting and digging for artefacts in the Fun Dig!

Further Information

Nearest train station : Torquay
Car parking : £2 on site or free if you park at the alternative spaces a short walk away
Website :

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