Lundy Island


Visit the tiny island of Lundy of the north coast of Devon. You’ll find a medieval castle, wildlife and maybe even Puffins!

Exploring the Lundy Island

Lundy Island has an enticing history with Vikings, Normans, pirates and outlaws and is a great destination for a day out with your family in Devon! Bring ancient tales to life and hop on the ferry from Ilfracombe or Bideford across to the island and spend the day in the open air exploring this wonderful space.

Sea Views

Lundy Island is now owned by the National Trust and administered and maintained by the Landmark Trust who run the ferry from the mainland. MS Oldenburg is your home for the two hour mini-cruise and from onboard your vessel you’ll see views of the lovely North Devon coastline.

Perfect Habitat

The only landing point on this 5km by 800m tiny island is on the southeast tip and from here you’ll see the imposing medieval castle that stands just above where you landing on shore. From the nearby village you’ll discover pathways that lead in to the island. Despite its size, the island’s dramatic cliffs and scrubland provide habitats for a surprisingly large number of bird, plant and animal species.

Wildlife Wonder

While puffin sightings are less common that they once were, they do still nest in burrows on the grassy cliff tops while many species of raptor and migratory seabirds visit and nest. Mammals on the island include their very own Lundy ponies and Soay sheep. Around the coast you may be lucky enough to see seals and basking sharks. Head for the west coast for the best spot for seeing birds and stunning views.

Activities on the Lundy Island

While wildlife spotting is the dominant activity on the island, Lundy also offers its visitors the chance to partake in rock climbing up the many soaring cliffs as well as a few oddities such as a chasm that opened in 1755 due to the Lisbon earthquake.

Highlight of the Day

Visit Marisco Tavern to try Lundy’s own beer – there’s a kid’s menu too!

Further Information

Nearest train station : Ilfracombe or Bideford
Car parking : Park in Ilfracombe or Bideford to get the ferry across
Website :

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