The Eden Project


The biggest glasshouses in the world, a spiral maze, paths made from recycled tyres! These are just some of the things you can enjoy on a day out at the Eden Project.

Varied Landscapes

The biomes, or glasshouses, huddle in a huge, former china clay excavation with landscapes ranging from the neat hummocks of lavender fields to reconstructions of the Steppes, the Prairies and Chile on the steep upper slopes – making for very interesting viewing indeed.

Living Theatre of Plants

The Eden project succinctly and successfully demonstrates the interaction of man with nature and is packed with wonders and curiosities.

Made for Children

Children will love the hideaways, spy-holes and shortcuts, climbing frames in the shape of trees and ships, tube slides and giant musical instruments and junk percussions dotted around the site. School holiday activities include building dens and rafts and making bows and arrows. At Christmas, Eden becomes a winter wonderland complete with an excellent ice rink!

Biome Diversity

Children can travel the world and learn how many everyday things like tea and coffee come from plants. Crops like olives and cotton grow in the Mediterranean biome, where citrus orchards scent the air. Waterfalls maintain moisture in the enormous Rainforest Biome and insects and small reptiles help out with pest control and pollination.

Eden’s Seasonal Gardens

As well as the biomes, the Eden Project has stunning gardens to explore – be sure not to miss them in the shadows of the glass houses. The area is massive (the size of 13 football pitches!) and makes up over three quarters of Eden’s planting. Whether you visit the Project in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter there is plenty to see and to keep young minds fascinated.

Spring is a colourful and exciting time, with flowers bursting in to bloom with a colourful array of different types of daffodils. In Summer the colours intensify and Lavendar can be enjoyed at its best in July. By Autumn, colours are richer and the focus shifts to planting bulbs for the Spring once more and harvesting the available crops. Winter at the Project sees wonderful vegetable hanging baskets and a magical winter wonderland takes shape with twinkling lights and fir trees.

Highlight of the Day

Spotting the wonderful sculptures throughout the park.

Further Information

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Car parking : Ample
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