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If your kids like to bounce on sofa, swing on chandelier and jump around, then we know exact place where you would like to take them for a family day out. It’s high octane, adrenalin fuelled Tree Surfing!

This active adventure for the whole family is a fun day out with the kids. It’s incredible treetop eco-trail which includes ladders, rope bridges, zip wires, walkways, and for the dessert – Tree Jump! Along with treetop eco-trail, Tree Surfers offer archery, mountain biking and other fun activities.

Tree Surfers Activities

Tree Surfers present a range of fun outdoor activities for families to enjoy in the Tamar Valley in Woodlands of Gulworthy parish in Devon.

Ropes Course

Practice your balance and co-ordination skills on three breath talking treetop ropes courses. You’ll reach 50 feet above the ground and head for Tarzan’s adventure through swings, bridges, wooden walkways and zip wires. It will be a true challenge for you, but your safety will go first. You’ll get a full safety briefing before you leave the ground.

Price and restrictions

The price for these ropes courses is about £25 (for kids under 18 years it’s a little bit cheaper). The minimum age for children to participate is 8 years old. 8 to 11 year olds must be supervised by an adult with a ratio of 1 adult to 2 children. Also, there is a weight limit of 127 kgs.


Keep in mind, that climbing on trees is a physical activity, so you have to be in a good shape and properly dressed up. High heels and skirts won’t do! Put on shoes which are not slipped on or loose (the best are trainers or walking boots).
In order to finish all rope courses, you’ll need around 2 or 3 hours, so please prepare yourself not to rush and enjoy a whole day out with your family as there is much more to do at Tree Surfers.

The Tree Jump

For a great portion of adrenalin rushing through your veins, climb on a 40 feet treetop platform and …jump! Thanks to innovative and amazing Powerfan Technology, your freefall will be fast with a gentle landing. Take a few deep breaths and enjoy the amazing views of the Tamar Valley before taking the plunge.

The Tree Jump takes about 15 seconds once you have plucked up the courage to jump. However, before those 15 seconds it might pass more time in order to prepare yourself mentally and physically by getting geared up in the full body safety harness.

Price and restrictions

It doesn’t matter how old are you, the price is one for all: £7 for one jump or £12 for 2 jumps. Whereas, restrictions stay the same as for Ropes Courses: minimum age 8, maximum weight 127 kgs.

Other activities

Play Robin Hood and learn archery in the wooded depths of the Tamar Valley. Shooting arrows on target in the woodland archery venue is a great fun for the whole family.

Rent a mountain bike and explore the Tamar Trails right from the Tree Surfers. 25 km’s of woodland trails through the world heritage area of the Tamar Valley is an excellent destination for a bike trip.

Canoe Journey. Have fun exploring the river Tamar in canoes, watch wildlife, enjoy the beautiful river, learn about its mining heritage.

Highlight of the day

The Tree Jump – it’s a life time experience, which you won’t forget.

Further Information

Location and directions: click here
Parking : £2
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