Horse Riding in Richmond Park


What better way to introduce your fledgling jockies to horse riding than within the gates of London’s impressive Richmond Park!

Traditional Activity

Horse riding is a traditional activity in the Park and the many schools located in the Park cater for all ages and levels of experience – there are even ponies especially for children aged three and up! Richmond Park is particularly suited to horse riding, having 2360 acres of space to ride in, with rabbits, squirrels and red deer frequent sights while your horse or pony clip clops on by.

History Lesson

Richmond Park used to be occupied by small farmers until Charles I obtained it in 1637 – he decided it would make a great hunting ground and so released more than 2000 deer for his hobby – there are still some 600 that can be seen today, grazing serenely on the green green grass. The Park is now a protected landscape and a Natural Nature Reserve as well as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Love of Horses

Why not build up some excitement before the day? Read books and stories about horses, from classics like Black Beauty to modern guides on the techniques of riding, go and visit some horses at farmyards and in stables. If the lesson in Richmond Park is to be your child’s first time on a horse or a pony then remember to take it slow and let them set their own pace. The wonderful setting of the Park and the solid experience of the staff at the stables will go a long way to making their first taste of horse riding an extra special one!

Highlight of the Day

Get a spectacular view of St Paul’s Cathedral some 10 miles away from King Henry VIII’s Mound, the highest point in Richmond Park!

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