Royal Air Force Museum


Incredibly this fantastic attraction is completely free of charge despite the fact that it houses a world-class collection of aircraft, aviation artefacts and memorabilia! Perfect for a rainy day, the museum is vast with several areas that you can focus on depending on your families particular interests.

Plan your visit to the Royal Air Force Museum

It would be impossible to visit the whole museum in one day, and even if you could it’s unlikely you’ll hold your children’s attention for that long! Make the day fun and less intense by choosing one or two areas to focus on before you go. Use the museum’s extensive website to carry out your planning and pick what you want to see – whether it’s the Aeronauts Interactive Centre with over 40 “hands on” interactive activities, or the Grahame-White Factory displaying the oldest aircraft in the collection.

Flight Simulators and Interactive Exhibits

Bound to be the best part of the day are the flight simulators….imagine feeling like you’re flying your very own aircraft, soaring above the skies! One simulator is in the new Milestones of Flight exhibition and one in the Historic Hangars. There is also the chance to sit in the cockpit of the “Touch & Try” Jet Provost!

Where to refuel?

Chance the weather and take your own picnic for an al fresco lunch – there’s an outdoor picnic area on the grassed area adjacent to the Battle of Britain Hall. If it’s not picnic weather when you visit then there’s an indoor picnic area at the entrance to the Aeronauts Interactive Centre in the Historic Hangars. Alternatively there are several Museum eateries to choose from including the Wings Restaurant with homemade cakes and hot meals and the Wessex Cafe, serving light snacks.

Highlight of the Day

Definitely the flight simulators, no question!

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