The Museum of Childhood


This isn’t a boring, for grown-ups only museum – the Museum of Childhood in London’s East is
a joy for children to explore with opportunities for them to enter a world of story-telling, dressing up, painting and drawing!

Best collection

This gem of a museum in Bethnal Green contains all of the V&A collections of toys, costumes and childhood artefacts. Money from the National Lottery in 2003 brought about an amazing transformation and changed this former East End curiosity from a neglected and under-used attraction to the glory it is today.

Lots to explore

There are three galleries to explore and a full schedule of exhibitions, workshops, events and courses. Encourage your children to think about their games and what they do for fun and compare them with the activities of children from years before. They may discover some similarities but they will also open their eyes to a simpler time with simpler pleasures – a world away from the game console playing, interactive virtual worlds they enjoy today!

Website prepation

To make the most out of your visit to the Museum of Childhood, be sure to look through the Museum’s website before you get there. It’s a great site with lots of information about your day and has educational sections to help your children know what to expect when you get to the museum. Why not use your journey to talk about some of the issues that are shown on the website and ask your family what they are most looking forward to seeing!

Bring the museum to life!

If you have time, visit the nearby Ragged School Museum to show your family what education in the Victorian times was like!

Highlight of the day

The panels of mosaic tiles on the walls of the Museum – look on the upper North and South facades.

Further Information

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