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The Centre for Alternative Technology (C.A.T.) declares that it aims to “inspire, inform, and enable’ people to live more sustainably” and it certainly doesn’t disappoint!

Inspire and Motivate

In the environmentally aware world we live in today children are more likely to scold their parents for leaving the TV on standby and using high energy bulbs in the home than they are to pester for sweets and plastic toys from gift shops. Saving the planet is more important to children today than it has ever been and a visit to C.A.T. will inspire and motivate them to continue along the right path.

Practices and Preaches

From the very beginning you are aware of the positive impact this place has on its visitors. If you arrive by public transport you get in for half price and the way you get to the complex is via one of the steepest cliff railways in the world but it’s not powered by electricity, instead the weight of the water takes the strain and whisks you up to the top!

Hands-on Learning

The centre itself is packed full of useful gadgetry designed for green living but the fun really starts when you go through the sliding doors in to the main massive (7 acre!) site. Alongside wood burners and solar panels there’s a whole range of eco-friendly hands-on exhibits….wheels to turn, buttons to press and levers to pull in this perfect mix of goodness and fun.

Children’s Play Areas

Several fun and energy using children’s play areas are dotted around the site and there’s a smallholding full of fluffy farm animals to pet and feed from bunny rabbits to goats.

A Bit of History

C.A.T. has been constructed on the former site of a quarry in the foothills of Snowdonia. It was founded by a group of scientists in the 70s and has grown in to a place of international importance – far from the quirky image it had in the beginning. It is a great educational resource that brings boring text books in to an exciting and motivating reality. Time and time again its proved that green learning can be fun learning!

Highlight of the Day

Use recycled materials to build your own machine and hook it up to a renewable energy source to watch it work

Further Information

Nearest train station : Machynlleth
Car parking : Available and onsite
Website : www.cat.org.uk

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