Hidden Gardens and Grottoes of Dewstow


Ever wondered if the secret door really does lead to a hidden world of wonderful waterfalls and fern-lined caverns full of mystery and enchantment? Well now you can find out at the Hidden Gardens and Grottoes of Dewstow in Gwent!

Fantasy and Reality

Dewstow is a place where fantasy and reality meet. Constructed in the late 1800’s very few people knew of their existence because the creator, Oakley, lived so reclusively – it was only when the new owners stumbled across these lost gardens during the development of their golf course that they were rescued from neglect and opened up for the public to enjoy. The whole site is a subterranean fairyland complete with a watery labyrinthine world of rich greens and moisture-laden air making a great setting for any fairy story.

Enchanting for the children

Above ground there were originally rock gardens, ponds and tropical greenhouses and while little of this remains today there is still a mysterious world below waiting to be discovered. Smaller children will take great delight in pond dipping and searching the rock pools for tadpoles and other water creatures. Each day there is a Teddy Bear hunt where the children try to spot Teddy and his friends hiding in the caverns.

Excite their imagination

Why not read an enchanting fairytale before you come to Dewstow, talk about the fairyland with your children and what kind of things can be seen. If there is more than one adult in your party when you visit get them to step ahead and plant magic items like little stars or elegant fairies in amongst the undergrowth for your children to collect to bring the fairytale to life!

Highlight of the Day

The Park Tunnel!

Further Information

Nearest train station : Caldicot
Car parking : Yes, on site
Website : www.dewstow.co.uk

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Gardens and Grottoes of Dewstow”

  1. malfishin says:

    What a truly wonderful place. We finished the South West Midlands mx5 owners club monthly drive at Dewstow. We were blessed by wonderful weather made all the better once we arrived at Dewstow. The gardens were excellent and walking past all that running water on a hot May day was like being in fairy land. Well worth the visit. We walked around for over an hour and wished we had more time to stay longer.

    Visited May 2014

  2. MarriedMum says:

    Dewstow Gardens is a lovely day out and should please all ages. The gardens are stunningly beautiful and involve little meandering paths, hidden waterfalls, flower beds and ornamental fountains.

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