Eureka! The National Children’s Museum


Eureka! The National Children’s Museum has been designed to specifically introduce children to the life sciences at work in the world they live in.

Promoting Curiosity

The displays promote knowledge in the best way, by promoting curiosity and a desire to find out more by pressing buttons, guiding a machine or flicking switches. Age groups have been given special attention so each age group flows in to the next level of understanding and participation, testing and being tested by the constant imaginative appeal of having fun.

Great for Under 5s

Major science themes have been interpreted at different levels, including Me and My Body, Our Global Garden, SoundSpace and Town Square in which children play out imaginary realities between the bank, supermarket, post office, kitchen and garage. Almost all the displays encourage them into more engrossing interaction and participation. It’s clever, compelling and great fun.

Programme of Events

The museum has all the extras that families have come to expect from days out such as these – with storytelling, outside playground and picnicking in railway carriages! Children can’t help but have a really great time at this museum!

Galleries at Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

Eureka! Has lots of Galleries to explore – choose from a futuristic world and a home in the desert! Desert Discovery is purely for the youngest members of your family (under 5s) and was inspired by Mojave Desert in the USA. The Desert includes a Baby Oasis, Boulder Mountain, Cactus Construction, Construction Office, StorytimeTent and Desert in the Dark where you can see the stars overhead. Magical.

Baby Oasis

The Baby Oasis within the Desert Discovery is intended for children who aren’t yet walking and consists of soft padded areas with seating for parents too. There is lots to crawl around and to use to pull up on to encourage further exploration, you can even play peek-a-boo through the palm trees.


The restaurant at Eureka! serves a selection of hot and cold food throughout the day and there’s a microwave available so you can heat up your baby food and milk. They try to source food that’s been ethically farmed and from local sources – all food is prepared fresh and onsite each day.

Highlight of the Day

Our Global Garden

Further Information

Nearest train station : Halifax
Car parking : Pay and Display (no change given)
Website :

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