Ingleton Waterfalls Trail


Enjoy one of Britain’s most enchanting woodland walks, stare open mouthed at crashing waterfalls and peer in to craggy ravines – all in Yorkshire’s Ingleton. This really is a spectacular day in the dappled forest glades, one to be remembered and one to create fantastic family memories.

Woodland Walk

The woodland walk is a circular trail of 8km from Ingleton, deep in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, up the River Twiss as far as the old Roman road leading into Kingsdale. The woods open to reveal a vast panorama of the Southern Fells – really stunning. The footpath is easy to follow and the inclines are moderate. If you need to, there’s always a shortened route that you can follow.

Wonderful Waterfalls

There are nine major waterfalls as you walk around the routes. Singles, doubles and triples as high as 30m cut into deep ravines or cascade in series through the broadleaf woods and ancient oak forests. Limestone alternating with sandstone and slate has created a series of dramatic landscapes full of rare flora and fauna. Much of the trail is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Make sure you pick up an information leaflet at the start so you can find out all about these stunning landscapes as you make your way round.

Ingleborough Cave

Ingleborough Cave is considered by many to be the Show Cave of the Yorkshire Dales and has been enticing visitors for over 170 years. Admire the stalactites and stalagmites of the cave – you can go up to half a kilometre inside and connect to the 11 mile Gaping Gill system to marvel at its staggering natural wonders. It’s a day for being completely amazed by Nature.

Highlight of the Day

The most famous of the Ingleton Waterfalls, Thornton Force.

Further Information

Nearest train station : Clapham
Car parking : Yorkshire Dales National Car Park
Website :

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