Lightwater Valley Theme Park


If your kids love amusement parks or you are looking for the perfect birthday activities – we have a winning choice for you: Lightwater Valley Theme Park in North Stainley, North Yorkshire! You are welcome to join this park and experience a fun-filled day with thrill, chills and adventure!

Lightwater Valley Theme Park includes your most loved rides and attractions that are divided into mini, mega and ultimate adventures for the whole family, whatever the weather!

Mini adventures at the Lightwater Valley Theme Park

Mini adventures are created for the youngest guests (1-5 years). There are many rides to choose from. For example, Angry Birds Activity Park offers more than 30,000 sq ft of excitement that brings the world’s #1 mobile game to life. Kids will love interactive play with pig tunnels, tube slides, slingshots and nesting towers, from which to survey the enemy. There is also this Lightwater Express with the train taking approximately 20 minutes to complete one lap of the park. Another type of rides for your little ones is called Young Fun and offers Space Pirates, Human Cannonball and Clownaround. You may spend a quiet hour aboard in the water in another attraction – Swan Boats. Later on, come to Lightwater Valley Falconry to meet over 50 amazing raptors including Owls, Falcons, Eagles and Hawks. There are also Rheas, Snakes and Ferrets too! Another unique experience can be felt at Eagles Creek Farm, that’s been added to Lightwater Valley for 2013. Come to say hello to all farmyard friends including pigs, Shetland ponies, cheeky goats, and, of course, meet Poppy, the friendly and lovely Donkey.

Mega adventures at the Lightwater Valley Theme Park

Mega Adventures are suitable for 5 – 9 years old junior thrill seekers that are over 1 metre in height. These Mega Rides include The Flying Cutlass, which gives a good amount of air time and plenty of “butterfly in the stomach” moments, as you are flying back and forward in a huge vessel. If you are fan of getting a little wet ‘n’ wild should you take a splash on Wild River Rapids. This family friendly water ride offers dropping into a 360-degree elevated spiral (40ft) that drives your boat to the choppy waters that awaits below! Another attraction, splashtastic Falls of Terror, consist of three giant water slides. The longest and wettest chute of all three takes your boat through a dark tunnel with sharp turns, gives you sudden drops and thrills in your stomach by a full drop right at the end!

Ultimate adventures

All Ultimate adventures features a cocktail of speed, cornering and airtime, so Ultimate rides are created for anyone that is 9 years old and more or just somebody ready to face up to the challenge! Feel the power of Whirlwind and the grip of our Eagle’s Claw, before climbing aboard Europe’s longest roller coaster – The Ultimate and venturing into the world of Raptor Attack’s abandoned mineshaft. Continue your ultimate day and climb aboard, if you dare, the Black Pearl and feel the momentum build as she gets ready to rotate you 360 degrees through the air. Feel the tight grip of The Eagle’s Claw as it provides an insanely extreme experience before ascending to the tree tops on the Twister. Get ready for some woop woop of the year!

Further Information

Lightwater Valley Theme Park
North Stainley
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Phone: +44 871 720 0011

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One thought on “Lightwater Valley Theme Park”

  1. Maria says:

    Look out for vouchers as it is very expensive at full price. I took my 2 and a half year old this weekend. He had a fantastic time! I was worried there might not be a great deal for the very little ones to do, but there were plenty of rides that were suitable for him. I’m sure this isn’t as sophisticated as other theme parks, but it is set in beautiful surroundings and we hardly had to queue at all, despite it being a sunny Saturday in July! I think somewhere like this is far preferable than one of the very big theme parks, and better value for money too, particularly if you pay in advance on the internet rather than turning up on the day. Maybe I’m biased about Lightwater Valley, as I have very happy memories of going there as a child, but we all had a lovely day and I would highly recommend it! I’d recommend the American Diner to eat.

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