Magna Science Adventure Centre


The Magna Science Adventure Centre truly is a Science Adventure, with pavilions of Earth, Air, Water and Fire it is the ultimate in interactive experiences.

Element Pavilions

Cleverly organised in to four areas so that you can make the most of your visit -head for the Earth pavilion to explode a quarry, choose Air for a ride on the gyroscopic chair, enter the Water area to experience this giant steel wave and create a fire tornado and virtual fireballs in the Fire Pavilion!

Interactive Exhibits

Inside the Adventure Centre it’s a kid’s heaven, full of walkways, platforms, scissor lifts, stairs and tunnels threading between 3-D screens and ascending many levels within the 32m high building. You and your family are invited to explore the latest technology and life sciences using all five senses to follow trails, play games, test ideas and speculate on possible answers to big questions.

Over 100 Interactive Exhibitions

All great fun – from the provocative and stimulating to the dramatic and awesome. The Centre’s pyrotechnic and acrobatic bravura extends to its two constant displays commemorating South Yorkshire’s glorious steelmaking heritage.

Outside Fun

Pitched at younger visitors, the Sci-Tek and Aqua-Tek play areas are great interactive educational exhibits. In the Aqua-Tek you and your family find out what happens to water once it’s been flushed away. Be warned – you will get wet at Aqua-Tek so bring a towel and a change of clothes! Sci-Tek has been designed so that children of all ages can learn, play and explore, providing a welcome outlet for energetic members of the family!

First-Class Experience

With the excellent organisation within the Centre and the unusual playground equipment, awesome exhibitions and extremely helpful staff, the Magna Science Museum really is a first class experience for all the family. The entrance fee may be a little steep compared to other family days out but it’s well worth the money and the memories that will be created!

Highlight of the Day

The Big Melt – set around the steel mill’s original arc furnace, you’ll feel the heat, hear the roar and squint through the fiery intensity.

Further Information

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