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Meet a Dalek, change film lenses, watch a professional animator at work and examine iconic objects created by BBC’s Blue Peter presenters – these are just three of the hundreds of things you can learn about and take part in at the National Media Museum in Yorkshire’s Bradford!

Devoted to Media

Seven floors packed full with galleries, exhibitions and archives all devoted to film, photography, television, radio and the web. With such a stunning array of visuals and creative spaces there’ll be something for everyone although the older your children the more they are likely to gain from the day.

Non-Stop Schedule

The Museum has an excellent programme of events tailored to family days out and you can download the latest schedule before you go or even plan the day you visit around what’s on when! Older children will enjoy gaming action on the big screen while younger members of the family will love meeting some of their favourite TV characters, for fans of squeamish activities join the special effects team to learn how to create scars, cuts and other injuries fit for TV and films!

The Kodak Gallery

The Museum gives you access to the Kodak Gallery which leads you through history from the world’s first photographs to the digital products taken with today’s powerful equipment. For the budding photographer in the family it’s a great introduction to this fascinating history and other members of the family can enjoy the exhibition for its own sake and for the beautiful images laid out so well.

Awesome IMAX

IMAX is sure to be the highlight of the day for kids of all ages – seeing a film on this gigantic screen is truly amazing. Choose a 3D film for the full effect but avoid sitting too close to the front as the experience can overwhelm younger children. Whether you choose the latest Hollywood blockbuster or one of the natural world screenings it will be a great experience that will have you ducking out of the way of lions and closing your eyes to raindrops falling overhead. Charges apply for film screenings and the prices will vary depending on the film you choose.

Highlight of the Day

The National Media Museum is one of Britain’s greatest days out for the kids so it’s hard to choose a highlight – but watching a film at the IMAX will be remembered by you all for many many years to come.

Further Information

Nearest train station : Forster Square (15 minute walk)
Car parking : Sharpe Street and Radwell Drive (behind the museum)
Website :

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