Richmond Castle


The magnificent Norman castle in Richmond dominates the town and rears 30m above its perch on a steep setting overlooking the River Swale. Children of all ages will love Richmond Castle, it’s the stuff of storybooks.

Create your scenes

Take a leaflet from the English Heritage kiosk and explore this huge site, imagining the battle scenes, sieges and bloody deeds witnessed by this historic place. As well as the older history of Scottish raids in the 14th century, the settlement was used during World War I as a base for non-combatant conscientious objectors. Lord Baden-Powell even lived here for a short time while he commanded the Northern Territorial Army from 1908 to 1910.

Programme of Events

Richmond Castle schedules a fantastic programme of events throughout the year covering all the seasons! Choose from re-enactments, exhibitions and lively discussions – all aimed to help children and adults alike to get the most from their visit to this wonderful piece of British history. Haunted Halloween is particularly popular but is only for the brave, fearless and daring – you have been warned!

Richmond Town

While you’re visiting Richmond Castle, take some time to look around the Yorkshire Dale market town of Richmond. It offers breathtaking scenery, quaint cobbled streets, monuments abbeys, a river setting and a lot more besides. The town has great shops, enticing eateries and plenty of places to sit and enjoy the views. It’s located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and has been said to have inspired poets, artists and authors throughout history.

Highlight of the Day

Breathtaking views across the Yorkshire Dales from the keep

Further Information

Nearest train station : Darlington
Car parking : No parking at the castle – use the town centre car parks instead
Website :

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