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Kids love engaging with animals! You are invited to Yorkshire’s Most Magnificent Attraction (as voted in 2012), known as Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Opened in 2009, it’s the South Yorkshire’s newest attraction and UK’s most exciting spot for a great day out with your kids.

Park’s overview

Being very conveniently located in Branton, just outside Doncaster, the park was built on a former farm site and now occupies 70 acres of a 260 acre site, creating a fascinating view into the world of the most beautiful and rare animals. The park itself has many innovative walkthrough areas. You are welcome to meet Lemur Woods, Wallaby Walkabout, South America Viva, and be ready to experience the world’s biggest and most spectacular leopard enclosure. You will definitely get up close and nose to nose with creatures you see on TV only!

Say hello to a giraffe

Giraffes are the world’s tallest animals and Yorkshire Wildlife Park is home for several of them, arrived in 2012. Did you know that giraffes can reach up to 6m? Two-year-old Palle arrived at the park after a day-long journey from Copenhagen. Jambo, a two-year-old, joined him from Woburn Safari Park. They were accompanied by two fully grown giraffes: Jasper who is 12 years and Behansin who is 7 years. So four giraffes are expecting you to say hello to them! This breathtaking enclosure can house up to 16 giraffes, which are able to roam the 16-acre reserve in warm weather. Kids and families will be allowed inside their house, where they are able to view the giraffe being just 1m away. Or, you may choose eye to eye viewing from 8m high platform. Moreover, there is also a ground level VIP feeding station and a high level feeding station in the 1 acre outside sand yard.

Eye to eye with leopards

As it is only 30 Amur Leopards left in the wild, and as they are the most endangered big cat in the worl, you are very welcome to meet them at Leopard Heights at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. You will come eye to eye with these creatures. Yorkshire Wildlife Park features an 9m tall viewing tower in a ground level of the 6001 sq m, so it is the biggest and the most fascinating leopard enclosure in the world. Leopards are super great climbers, but the site’s design includes an unusual design for a fence that is 6m high, and a top several metres of curving plastic that is just impossible for the leopards to climb. This design is very safe and unique, as it does not require netting like any other zoo enclosures do. The whole park area is created in a way to encourage the leopard’s natural behaviour, so get ready for an unbeatable experience!

There are lots of other wild animals waiting to say hello to you at Yorkshire Wildlife Park include: ostrich meerkats, raccoon dogs, the Painted Hunting Dog, zebra, antelope, ankole cattle, and Bactrian Camels.

Safari Nights in summer

The ideal season to visit fascinating Yorkshire Wildlife Park is summer, because there are Safari Nights organized there. Your family can expect different entertainment each night, but you will definitely enjoy live music, interesting ranger talks and the chance to see the liveliest part of the day – feeding time. The evening will also feature bangless fireworks.

Lots of fun for kids

Children will sparkle with joy in this in-door Monkey PlayHouse and a Café with three play levels including climbing frames, towers, dens, slides, swings and rope bridges – in full view of the new Baboon reserve through a glass wall.

Further Information

Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Brockholes Ln
United Kingdom

Hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Phone: +44 1302 535057
Email: info@yorkshirewildlifepark.com
Website: www.yorkshirewildlifepark.com

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    That leopard encounter is simply amazing! Never imagined this could be so thrilling and scary at the same time!

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