Active Kids


Turn of the TV, lock up the games console and get the kids active!! There are a so many activities throughout the UK that will get their adrenalin racing and get them having fun in the great outdoors. Mountain biking through Hamsterley Forest, take a wonderful woodland walk in Ingleton, Yorkshire and get to see the breathtaking waterfalls and stalactites and stalagmites of the cave, or visit Cotswold Country Park and Beach with lakeside walks, open-water swimming, snorkelling and even windsurfing.

If your kids would like to drive then take them to Jumicar Children’s Driving Experience at Hoveringham and they’ll have a great day out that they’ll remember for years to come! The driving experience is gentle and suitable for children from as young as one year’s old! The real driving experience is most suited to children of six years when they take sole control of the car. For older kids try taking them to Beacon Rally Karts, the ultimate off-road karting experience for all ages and levels of experience.

All you need is a sense of adventure and a picnic with so much choice you are sure to find a perfect day out for the kids in the UK.